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Going west for a cure

More from Sheila M. Rothman’s “Living in the Shadow of Death”: In the early 1800s, tuberculosis was often romanticized as spiritually uplifting, ennobling even. Therefore, men with TB often went on strenuous journeys to the West Indies or the American South as part of a religious quest; they used their suffering to get closer to… Continue reading Going west for a cure

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Louisa May Alcott’s running shoes

Louisa May Alcott The January 2013 issue of Writer’s Digest has an article by Joy Lanzendorfer called “If Walls Could Talk” about her visits to literary sites. (The article isn’t available online, but you can buy a copy of the issue here. The section “Write That Novel” had a lot of good articles, too.) I… Continue reading Louisa May Alcott’s running shoes