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Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot in action

While we’re on the subject of Annie Oakley and her shooting prowess, PBS’ American Experience did an excellent show on her a few years back. Here’s the transcript. Sitting Bull nicknamed her Little Sure Shot (Watanya Cicilla), and she was incredibly accurate, only missing when it was part of her act. She would shoot glass… Continue reading Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot in action

Researching Historical Fiction

‘Warm feelings of personal connection’

My last post about visiting the homes of famous (dead) writers got me thinking about an article published in the Washington Post nearly a year ago (Feb. 7, 2012, to be exact). In “Objects of Her Projection,” Philip Kennicott reviewed Annie Leibovitz's "Pilgrimage” exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. He called the exhibit “a… Continue reading ‘Warm feelings of personal connection’