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The value of play

I’ve been trying another technique Roseanne Bane recommends in "Around the Writer’s Block" — something she calls Process and I call playtime. It’s about doing something fun that puts you in the creative flow. Her argument is that by engaging in creative play for play’s sake, you increase your ability to draw on your creative… Continue reading The value of play

Creativity and Productivity

Using a timer to break down resistance

Among the tricks in Roseanne Bane’s "Around the Writer’s Block" is one I’ve heard elsewhere: using a timer to get yourself to sit still long enough to focus. I recently gave it a try and now I’m hooked. I often spin my wheels and take a long time to settle down during a writing session,… Continue reading Using a timer to break down resistance

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The science behind writer’s block

We’ve all experienced it, that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you sit down to write. When all the negative feedback you’ve ever gotten and the prospect of the hard work ahead of you is overwhelming to the point that you’d rather do anything — vacuum, alphabetize your book collection, clean… Continue reading The science behind writer’s block